Selected works.

Grounded. Land art in Klæbu as part of the Nordic project “ÆØÅ”, August 2010.

Bird Powered Plane:

Bird song driven motors are the only sound generator in this work (no speakers). Sound radiates from the plane styrofoam body. I made the recordings in the early eighties as a kid with a tape walkman and a parabolic mic. Klæbu 2010.

Birds in a kettle:

Made with pure data, bird samples, arduino and photoresistors. Programmed with open source software. 22.September 2007 at Austrått.

Sensor controlled cuckoo clock:

The blue tits trigger the sensor and the  cuckoo clock sound each time they enter or leave the nesting box. Installasjon, Austrått 2008 og 2009. Sound active only when spectators visited.

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