Birdwatching, nature/culture walk at Mount Guwangw, Mbulu, Manyara, Tanzania

The 20th of September 2013 Nils Christian Boberg and me (Audun Eriksen) had the pleasure of climbing Mount Guwangw close to Mbulu, Tanzania. Luckily it was cloudy as we climbed and sunny when descending so we didn’t get cooked on the way up.

The view was stunning, and there was so much to look at as the scenery changed with the altitude.

The young Patric Massawe was our guide. We appreciated his relaxed and pleasant company and allround knowledge of nature and culture of the area. We totally recommend him if you’re looking for a guide in the Arusha/Manyara region.  You can reach him at, mobile: +255 0789776544 or +255 0788764745.

Cinnamon-breasted Bee-eater.

The rare endemic Schalow’s Wheatear breeding in the side of the main path to the summit.

Common Stonechat.

Cardinal Woodpecker.

Variable Sunbird.

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